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  • by Karma Loveday

Cash-for-trash initiative to help tackle plastic pollution in Britain’s waterways

Green consultancy APEM has pledged to donate £1 to Keep Britain Tidy for every bag of litter its field scientists collect from waterways across the UK. The firm – a freshwater and marine ecology specialist – surveys watercourses at over 100 locations across the country every year, providing many opportunities for its field teams to collect litter.

The head of APEM’s field team, Peter Dennis, said: “During our field work, we are astounded by how much plastic pollutes waterways. It’s tragic to see, as not only does it look unsightly, but it adversely affects our wildlife and ecosystems…We are working alongside organisations such as the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, hoping to eliminate plastic at the source before it enters our oceans.”

Gail Davies, environment programme manager at Welsh Water Biodiversity Fund which employs APEM, said: “This is a fantastic and ground-breaking initiative proposed by one of our environmental contractors who work across all of our operating areas. It’s a simple activity which everyone can get involved in and together we can genuinely make a tangible difference”.

The Welsh Water Biodiversity Fund provides financial support to projects benefiting nature and enhancing biodiversity at or near company sites.

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