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  • by Trevor Loveday

Thames unveils £1bn technology investment plan

Thames Water has unveiled plans to invest £1bn over the next six years “to revolutionise its water and waste operations, transform customer experience and boost efficiency by 20%”.

Thames Water said its will increase trunk mains monitoring by 25%, take live readings from up to 200,000 sewer depth monitoring points to prevent pollutions, and link-up all its engineers to a smartphone app giving network visibility and real-time information.

The company said it will by 2025 complete its roll out a new customer care platform “to personalise service for customers, with information displayed relevant to where they live,” and install 700,000 domestic smart meters.

Thames Water chief digital officer, John Beaumont, said: “Real-time data management and visibility will allow us to anticipate issues before they happen, speed up and personalise service, protect and enhance the environment, and keep taps flowing.”

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