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  • by Trevor Loveday

Energy & Utility Skills upgrades Blue Card scheme

Energy & Utility Skills has launched its redeveloped National Water Hygiene ( “Blue Card”) training and accreditation scheme to bring it “in line with changing regulatory requirements.”

The scheme promotes water hygiene and protecting public health. Chief executive of Energy & Utility Skills, Nick Ellins, said: “With more and more individuals involved in the production of high-quality water for human consumption – contractors, facilities management organisations, environmental health practitioners, water engineers – it’s essential that Blue Card holders are fully accredited and understand their responsibilities in protecting public health and public confidence in water quality.”

Deputy chief inspector of the Drinking Water Inspectorate, Milo Purcell, welcomed the scheme update saying it covers “a core competency for all those involved in the provision of water supply,: adding that it “helps promote high standards of hygiene and safety.”

Purcell said it provided personnel in the sector with knowledge and awareness of the public health implications of their roles, and enabled water companies and contractors working on water supply systems to demonstrate their commitment to the promotion of a public health culture in delivery of routine activities.”

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