British Water finds jobs and investment would suffer from nationalisation

March 31, 2019

Most water supply chain companies fear negative impacts should the industry be nationalised, according to a survey by British Water of its members.


Among the findings were: 

• 78% said they believed future investment would be reduced or significantly reduced, while 14% believed it would increase;

• 64% believed the number of people employed in the supply chain would be reduced;

• 66% believed standards of service would be reduced or significantly reduced;

• 39% believed water quality at the tap would be reduced; and

• 55% believed their business’ turnover and profitability would be reduced or significantly reduced.


British Water UK director, Paul Mullord, said: “Changes in the ownership structure of the water industry would inevitably have an impact on British Water members. The risk coming from re-nationalisation is that levels of investment would fall, reducing opportunities for the supply chain, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, and potentially impacting on levels of service for customers. While less than 40% believe water quality into people’s homes would be affected, a majority of our members have expressed concern about the impact on their businesses, jobs and levels of investment.”


Some 40% of British Water’s 200+ member companies responded to the survey. 37% were consultants, 30% were contractors, 29% were manufacturers and suppliers, and 4% were water companies. 


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