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  • by Karma Loveday

Ofwat gives green light for G-Read update

Ofwat has approved a change proposal (CPW041) to enable meter reads generated by CMOS (G Reads) to be deleted and replaced.

G-Reads are calculated for a business customer meter as part of a final settlement run where no meter reads have been submitted from the day after the end of the invoice period to the settlement run date. They are estimated reads that take account of data available at the supply point, including occupancy state, connection state and temporary disconnection.

At present, there is no recognised functionality in the Wholesale Retail Code (WRC), and therefore in CMOS, that allows for G-Reads to be changed – for instance, to address data errors and correct primary charges, or to remove an obstacle to performing operational processes.

Ofwat said there is, within the WRC, a way of updating the reads. The plan is for the current processes and obligations for carrying out data corrections and for requesting unplanned settlement runs to be extended for the removal and/or creation of G Reads. Governance arrangements will be extended, placing an obligation on MOSL to monitor the use of the new mechanism. It also extends the circumstances in which G Reads can be created, permitting the generation of G Reads for unplanned settlement runs.

Around 13% of SPIDs in the market are settling on G Reads currently (c168 thousand out of c1.38 million). Implementation will be on 29 March.

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