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  • by Karma Loveday

Water Plus launches business water-saving competition

Water Plus has launched a competition to find new ideas to help businesses save water.

The company, with the support of its partner Waterwise, has set up an awards scheme to reward innovation in the business space that directly involves water or wastewater or an innovation which results in a business or public sector entity using less water overall. There are three categories: one for established businesses, one for universities and colleges, and one for individuals or micro businesses. The top prize is £5,000 and there is a runners-up prize pot of up to £2,500.

Chief executive of Water Plus, Andy Hughes, said: “…We want to hear from inventors – from the individual bright spark, to universities, technology colleges and more established businesses who have a great idea that will help businesses or the public sector save money by using less natural resources in the future. It’s part of our drive for innovation and to help businesses of all sizes seize the benefits and savings from using water more efficiently, contributing to lower costs and Corporate Social Responsibility goals.”

The deadline for applications is 29 March 2019. Details HERE

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