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  • by Karma Loveday

Thames to fund £80,000 river upgrades after 2013 polluting sewer block

Thames Water has paid £80,000 to the South East Rivers Trust to make improvements to a local river under an enforcement undertaking following a damaging sewer blockage in 2013.

An underground sewer pipe in Chislehurst became lodged with tree roots, fat, oil, grease and other debris. The build-up forced sewage above ground, flooding a field and two streams, before entering the River Shuttle.

The Environment Agency said the effect of the pollution on water quality and river habitats was seen over several miles and blamed a lack of maintenance by Thames Water over an extended period of time for the incident.

Alongside the £80,000 payment, Thames incurred nearly £20,000 in costs to the Agency and has taken action to prevent a repeat of the situation.

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