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  • by Karma Loveday

New apprentice partnership links colleges with companies

Energy & Utility Skills has partnered with apprentice college membership organisation Collab Group to boost the connection between apprenticeship training establishments and utility employers.

The two organisations intend the partnership to inspire more learners to enter the energy and water sectors, to help plug the gap that will be left by the retirement of around 20% of their skilled workforces in the next ten years. Over 200,000 new recruits will be needed.

Collab Group members will also be able to work with the government approved ‘Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service’ which provides apprenticeship end point assessment services and ensures transferability of skills across the energy and utilities sector.

Energy & Utility Skills group chief executive, Nick Ellins (pictured),said: “This new partnership evolved from the launch of the major Energy & Utilities Workforce Renewal & Skills Strategy, and brings together our experience and insights to help ensure the UK’s vital utility sector has the skilled, resilient and sustainable workforce it needs."

Collab Group represents 34 of the largest colleges in the UK, which are expert at providing high quality apprenticeship training for major national employers.

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