House builders get water efficiency help

January 13, 2019

The Home Builders Federation has collaborated with plumbers’ register, WaterSafe, to advise house builders on how to be more water efficient. 


The two organisations have issued information, produced in collaboration with Waterwise, on steps developers can take to reduce the water footprint of a new home, and where to find advice and support to do so.


They are encouraged to equip new homes with water efficient showerheads, dishwashers and washing machines; aerated taps; dual-flush toilets; and, for the garden, water butts and drought-resistant plants. All new homes must be fitted with a water meter.


Director of WaterSafe, Julie Spinks, said: “By following our recommendations, developers will benefit from cost savings, increased reputation and be secure in the knowledge that they are helping to protect the environment.”


The government is expected to consult shortly on building regulations as part of moves to support a national per capita consumption target.

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