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  • by Karma Loveday

Defra to consult on metering, labelling and building standards to support PCC target

Defra is expected to issue a call for evidence on setting “an ambitious target” for personal water consumption. This will be supported by a consultation exploring the policy options that could be used to support the target.

The news came just ahead of the Christmas break, when the department published its Water conservation report, detailing action taken and planned by government to encourage efficient use and management of water.

In the report, Defra said the potential per capita consumption target would be national but non-binding. Among the policy instruments being considered to support it are: efficiency labelling for water-consuming gadgets; improving building standards; metering; supply pipe management incentives and ownership; behavioural change; and boosting water efficiency ambition in the non household retail market.

The action supports the ambitions set out in the government’s 25-Year Environment Plan, including to secure long term resilience of water supplies.

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