Anglian appoints former Kier chief as head of its @one capital projects alliance

October 28, 2018

Anglian Water has appointed former Kier managing director, Paul Fletcher, as director of its @one Alliance engineering and construction partnership.


Fletcher joined the Anglian Water alliance in September 2018 and will formally take over @one in January 2019 to ensure a “smooth transition” the company said. He succeeds Dale Evans  who is moving into a consultancy role after leading @one since its formation 2004.


Chief Executive of Anglian Water, Peter Simpson, said Fletcher : "will lead much of the capital delivery in our largest ever programme between 2020 to 2025 - a £6.5bn investment plan, nearly a third larger than ever before.” He added: "He brings a wealth of leadership experience from the sector and specifically our current partner organisations.


Anglian launched 15-year contracts with its partners in 2015 – introducing “a completely new system of incentivising partners for their work.” Partners in @one only make a return when they outperform said Anglian. “If they underperform, the opposite is true.” Since the formation of the @one Alliance, Anglian has launched alliances to cover all of its asset programmes as well as IT.

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