Settlement tops MOSL’s list of priority activities for improvement

MOSL has prioritised enabling efficient settlement as one of a number of key areas that will bring real market improvement.

The market operator published its Market Performance Operating Plan this month, setting out priorities and targeted activities for delivering its Market Improvement Strategy, published earlier this year.

The plan identified the following four market outcomes as having the highest impact on market issues:

 Improving the efficiency of settlement, by improving the completeness and accuracy of consumption and supply point information.

 Ensuring that there is an equitable and effective market for retailers by reviewing the effectiveness of key market arrangements and ensuring incentives for consistent wholesaler performance.

 Improving the ability of retailers to efficiently switch customers by improving the quality of supply point information and providing incentives for timely and accurate transfer reads.

 Improving the experiences of trading parties by enabling more efficient bilateral engagement between retailers and wholesalers, including for trade effluent services.

Within each of these outcomes, MOSL identified specific improvement activities for each issue.

The plan extends beyond the original 12 months envisaged in the market codes, running to the end of 2019/20.

In separate news, MOSL has signed the lease for its new office – the White Building in Southampton – and plans to relocate in the first half of November.