Northumbrian targets leakage at half the current industry average

Ahead of the publication of business plans today, Northumbrian Water Group unveiled it will be targeting record-breaking low leakage rates.

The news came as NWG announced the appointment of a new water director, Dr Eliane Algaard. Algaard, who will take up the role on 8 October, has over 20 years' experience in infrastructure asset management and business planning in the water and rail sectors.

She commented: "We're already one of the best on leakage and our levels are much better than the industry average. In my role as water director at NWG, we will continue to raise the bar and be the standout leaders for the industry by setting ourselves ambitious targets for 2020 - 2025.

"Our ambition goes above and beyond any targets set by regulators to date and achieving it would see us become the standout UK leaders in tackling leakage…and that's where our customers want us to be. This will mean that per household leakage will be at 63.39 l/d - effectively half the current industry average - and it will be the lowest leakage rates that any UK water company has ever had in history.”

Algaard will be based predominantly at Sandon Valley House in Essex and will also be responsible for spearheading Essex and Suffolk Water's ambitious plans around water quality, catchment management and water efficiency.