Southern joins accredited entity scheme

Southern Water has joined six other water wholesalers as a member of Lloyd's Register’s Water Industry Accredited Entity (WIRSAE) scheme that allows retailers, operating in a wholesaler’s area, the opportunity to undertake temporary disconnections and reconnections in line with the market codes and the requirements of the scheme.

To carry out those disconnections and reconnections, a retailer or its nominated service provider needs to be certified as an accredited entity in the Wholesale Retail Code – WIRSAE provides that certification.

The scheme is administered by Lloyd's which carries out the initial accreditation assessments, certification and on-going monitoring on behalf of the utility. Lloyd’s launched the scheme earlier this year in a bid to further help encourage competition in the UK water services market.

The other wholesale water companies who recognise accredited entity status are Affinity, Anglian, Bristol, Severn Trent, Thames and Wessex Water.