Waterwise and Energy Saving Trust research water labelling options

Waterwise and the Energy Saving Trust are researching options for the introduction of water efficiency labels on kitchen, bathroom and garden products.

The project, funded by DEFRA and the industry's Collaborative Water Efficiency Fund, will look at policy options, cost benefit analysis and a practical way forward.

Introducing water labels was a key action in Waterwise’s Water Efficiency Strategy for the UK, published in June 2017. Waterwise said: “ Based on international experience, an effective water labelling programme linked to wider building regulations and water efficiency initiatives can significantly help reduce demand for water. This will be needed to help the UK meet ambitious reductions in PCC and important in the context of a new ISO standard being developed for water labelling.”

Waterwise is developing and managing a water efficiency inventory database which will track the latest work on water efficiency, and how this aligns to its Water Efficiency Strategy, and the Government's 25 year environment plan goals for England. The aim is to track ongoing initiatives and projects, in addition to collating final outcomes (which it already does via its Water Efficiency Database.