SES Business Water finds little appetite for switching among small businesses

Only 6% of small businesses in England have switched water supplier, according to research from SES Business Water and YouGov. That is despite 92% of the 757 respondents saying they are cost-savvy when it comes to choosing suppliers, and 98 per cent believing being cost-conscious is an important attribute for their type of organisation.

Nearly two-thirds (59%) were not aware water switching is possible, and 31% said it was not a priority, despite only a quarter saying they are happy with their current supplier.

The research, The missed opportunity, also found only 39% of small businesses are likely to switch providers of other services, including stationery, IT, catering, cleaning, car leasing, energy, healthcare and pensions.

Max Langford, SES Business Water’s commercial director, said: “Small businesses are far more likely to switch energy or stationery supplier than their water supplier, even though switching water could reduce their costs. It’s clear that more must be done to raise awareness of the open water market among small businesses so they can actively engage in it.”