Waterscan: self supply has exceeded expectations in year one

Waterscan has described the first year of the non-household retail market as a year of beyond-expectation achievements in business retail self supply. Director Claire Yeates said: “At this stage in its development, self-supply has exceeded even our own expectation in terms of both the level of interest and benefits to participants.”

There have been five applicants – Greene King, Marston’s, Whitbread and Coca Cola European Partners have all been granted licences with Blackpool City Council currently awaiting Ofwat’s ruling. Waterscan said approximately 6,500 supply points (SPIDs) switched to self-supply in year one, representing over 5% of total switches or 27% of switches in relevant market segments – “a remarkable figure for a new concept”.

The water management specialist illustrated the benefits for customers with reference to first-to-market Greene King, which took on responsibility for all 3000 of its SPIDs on 1 April 2017.

According to Waterscan, Greene King has saved in excess of 140,000 cubic metres of water. This equates to 384.32 cubic metres a day in consumption savings: the equivalent of 676,313 pints. Other benefits include site level engagement to further improve efficiency; a single point of contact for the entire estate; and protection from “some of the market teething issues”.

Gavin Worthington, senior purchasing manager at Greene King, said:“While self-supply was a leap into unchartered waters, it has delivered better than expected results in a short timeframe.”