Castle captures Invicta

Castle Water last week added 50,000 new customers to its books when it acquired Invicta Water, the retailer set up by South East Water. Until 1 May, Invicta served South East Water’s out of area customers, but on 1 May ahead of the Castle deal, took on the service of in-area customers too when South East exited the business retail market. Customers will transfer to Castle Water in July.

Managing director of Invicta Water, Tanya Sephton, said: “Castle Water has the experience and scale to build on the foundations we have established since the water retail market opened last year. We are working closely with Castle Water to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of service for customers.”

Castle Water chief executive officer, John Reynolds, said: “Castle Water is a dedicated water retailer to business customers. We have the resources to continuously improve systems and provide a wide range of assistance to help customers manage their water usage and minimise costs.”

Castle is the second largest retailer in the English market, currently supplying over 500,000 supply points. It has so far acquired customers formerly served by Portsmouth Water, Thames Water and Cobalt Water, as well as growing organically through wins including a multi-million-pound contract with the Crown Commercial Service. It has further ambitions to grow.