Scottish Water's renewables output now double its power consumption

May 6, 2018

Renewable power generated by Scottish Water and by third-party plant hosted on its premises has reached double the water firm’s electricity consumption.


The company now generates and hosts renewable capacity producing 923 GWh a year. Its annual consumption is about 440 GWh.


The company’s initiatives include self-generation on many of its sites through including hydro, wind, photovoltaic solar, biomass boilers and combined heat and power, as well as hosting third-party private generation such as large-scale windfarms.


Scottish Water said it had raised the annual financial benefits from energy bill reductions increased renewable generation to more than £8m and facilitated more than £390m of private investment on its estate.


More than 70 of the company’s water and wastewater treatment works are either self-sufficient or partly sufficient in their power requirements, leading to lower operating costs and a more sustainable business.

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