Bristol ditches Cheddar 2 reservoir plan

Bristol Water has scrapped its plan, set out in its 2014 Water Resources Management Plan and fought for at PR14, to build a new reservoir at Cheddar.

The company’s new draft Water Resources Management Plan, published last Thursday, said circumstances had changed sufficiently for the new storage not to be needed within the 2045 planning horizon.

The plan predicts a small supply demand deficit in 2023, at just over half a million litres per day, (about one-quarter of 1% of the water it supplies). This will then increase to around 12.8 million litres per day by 2045, or about 5% of the current average water into supply. Bristol plans to tackle the shortfall by:

reducing leakage by 6m litres per day between 2020 and 2025;

working with customers on water efficiency and metering;

reducing raw water losses in 2034 to provide an additional 4.7m litres a day; and

downsizing its bulk supply to Wessex Water in 2039, which will reduce the water it needs to supply by 6.37 million litres a day.