Consumer champion lays out "new aim" to include upping user participation

Consumer Council for Water (CC Water) has unveiled for consultation, a draft, three-year forward work programme. It includes plans to “press water companies and the regulator Ofwat to set acceptable outcomes that reflect what current and future consumers would value” and to “challenge companies and Ofwat with information on the cost of capital.”

CC Water’s 2018-21 programme for England and Wales has a “new aim” which the consumer champion describes as “securing the best outcomes for all water consumers, present and future.”

As well as its aims for outcomes and cost of capital its ambitions under PR19, include championing consumer participation. For consumer protection it has pledged to “press companies to do more to help those struggling to pay and share good practice on this.” And in the new business water retail market it said it will “help micro, small and medium-sized businesses access the market,” and use that experience “to inform the decision over extending competition to households.”