Queue for the ladies: WaterAid highlights plight of women

It was World Toilet Day yesterday, and WaterAid shone the spotlight in particular on how the absence of a clean, safe, private toilet can blight the lives of women and girls. In a new report, Out of Order, it said one in three people still don’t have a safe loo and that this exposes women especially to an increased risk of harassment and attack, poor health and limited education.

The report found Ethiopia to be the country with the world's highest percentage of people without toilets, while India remained the nation with the highest number of people without a toilet.

  • SaveWater South East took the opportunity of World Toilet Day to highlight water waste from leaky loos. A single leaking toilet can waste up to 400 litres of water per day, the equivalent to five full bath tubs. Recent research based on 300 toilets found that on average 4.1 % of toilets were found to be leaking.

  • Last week Scotland’s climate change secretary Roseanna Cunningham committed £3.6m to Malawi to fund water, sanitation and agriculture initiatives.