South East to exit business retail and shift operation to its national arm Water Choice

October 8, 2017

South East Water has moved to exit the business retail market through the transfer of its in-area business retail operation, South East Water Choice to its national business retail licensee is Invicta Water, trading as Water Choice.


The parent company, on entering the business retail market in April, opted to create the local and national  split in its business retail arm – only Yorkshire Water took a similar move.


South East Water Choice managing director, Tanya Sephton (pictured) said: “Our next step is to bring all our retail activities under one roof. From 1 April 2018 all our water and sewerage retail business will be done by Water Choice. This will simplify our operations, and help us provide a more efficient service and an improved customer experience.


“We know it can be confusing but maintaining the best level of service to our customers is our main priority.”

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