MOSL looks to increase transparency by reporting number of customer switches

In his first public speech since taking up the role of MOSL chief executive, Chris Scoggins (pictured) told delegates at the Consumer Council for Water’s Customer Matters meeting last week that one of his priorities was to put customers more plainly at the centre of the market operator’s reporting.

He explained that around 53,000 SPIDs (supply points) had switched since 1 April, but observed: “We need to talk about customers more than supply points”. He said his to-do list included translating SPID switch reporting into “precise numbers of customers” to make market performance more transparent and accessible. Scoggins roughly estimated the current number of 53,000 SPIDs translated to around 12,000 organisations having changed supplier.

Joining ‘transparency’ as one of three themes Scoggins touched on were ‘teamwork’ – which focused on wholesalers, retailers and MOSL communicating and working together well for the good of the market – and ‘trust’ which included customer trust in the market and market trust in MOSL. He added that MOSL’s first wholesaler/retailer User Forum meeting had taken place, with 30 trading party representatives there in person and another 14 joining remotely via a live stream.