MOSL updates

  • MOSL has updated the data it issued publicly at the start of the month setting out market performance for the first quarter of live trading. Market charts available to all on its website now carry information for the period up to 11 August. At that point, the total number of SPIDs switched approached 47,000, up from 36,000 for Q1.

  • The market operator has proposed an urgent change to the Market Arrangements Code (MAC), to allow an extra six months (extending the allowed period from six months on from go-live to 12 months on) for holding the first board nomination meeting for the election of a retailer director to the MOSL board. A discrepancy was discovered between the appointment process set out in MOSL’s Articles of Association and the MAC. MOSL has sought legal advice but wants the extension given the matter is unlikely to be resolved before the MAC deadline of 1 September. Arrangements to elect a wholesaler director are underway.

  • MOSL is consulting on the drafting of amendments to the Operational Terms relating to obligations between wholesalers and retailers to share contact details for use in unplanned events. This follows activity by the Emergency Contact Details working group.