Water sector builds confidence in service to developers

Water sector stakeholders can “have trust and confidence” in water companies’ reporting of their performance against targets in providing services to housing developers according to an independent audit published last week by Water UK. But the auditor called for greater clarity in the target definitions.

Consultant CH2M reported areas of non-compliance with prescribed measures of performance which it, said, “arise from different interpretations among companies,” and “are generally not having a material impact on the reported performance.”

CH2M emphasised that the disparity in interpretations indicted a need to address ambiguities saying there “substantially more areas of potential inconsistency have been identified than have instances of non‐compliance.”

It went on: “It is clear that the guidance allows for there to be significant variations in companies’ approaches to delivering these services and it would benefit the industry if the definitions could be suitably tightened to improve the consistency of delivery and of performance reporting.

“We recommend that the areas of non‐compliance identified by company are eliminated and the

areas of inconsistency are considered such that better definitions or guidance can be developed to

eliminate or reduce these inconsistencie,” said the auditor.

The audit covered the year to April 2017 and was an industry first.

It followed the latest quarterly industry report that showed water companies have met target performance levels in their services to housing developers with ratings of 97% in water supply and 99% in sewerage. The report was based on 45 metrics – an increase on the 37 used in previous reports.