Anglian wins Responsible Business prize

Anglian Water has won Business in the Community’s Responsible Business of the Year’ award.

The award recognises companies that put “social and environmental concerns at the heart of their strategy, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and embedding it in the culture of the entire business and supply chain.”

Anglian won its accolade for its resilience ambitions laid out in its “Love Every Drop” campaign which it described as “Anglian Water’s vision of how a modern utility company should be run – by creating infrastructure that is affordable and reliable, meeting the needs of customers, communities and the environment.”

Anglian Water’s chief executive, Peter Simpson (pictured), said of the winning sustainability initiative: “Key to this is our approach in looking beyond our business, going much further than is expected of us. Using the platform that this award affords us we will work with Business in the Community to put these models on the national stage and seek to replicate them around the UK. We will only be able to do that if other responsible businesses rise up to the challenge and collaborate with us and each other.”


Nice timing for the water industry to have one of its prominent players pick up an accolade for responsibility with praises for its endeavours in sustainabliity and resilience. Timely because trust is high on the customer and political agendas and here is a water firm recognised for behaving in a way that might engender trust.

Now the regulator and government have put greater emphasis on resilience and we shall be seeing and hearing more on that in due course. But it seems fair to suggest that the government might elevate the pace on abstraction reform and show it too can be trusted to come up with the goods it pledges to provide.