First quarter market data show 28,000 switched with 7,000 on the way

Around 35,000 SPIDs (supply point IDs) had switched retailer as the non-household retail market passed the three month mark at the start of July.

Speaking at Marketforce’s Water Market Reform conference last week, MOSL’s market performance director Steve Arthur said 28,000 SPIDs had completed a switch, and that around 7,000 more were in train. It is difficult to estimate exactly how many customers that equates to, but at the same event, Consumer Council for Water chief executive Tony Smith estimated it could be around 1% of the eligible customer base.

MOSL has been sharing performance data with trading parties from day one, but from the end of this month some of this information will be made public. THE WATER REPORT understands information will be released monthly from the end of July, with accompanying commentary released quarterly.