Ben Jeffs stands down at MOSL as supplier switches top 22,000

MOSL’s chief executive Ben Jeffs stood down from his post last Thursday, having overseen the on-time, on-budget opening of the business retail market and 22,539 supply point switches to date. He borrowed one of his team’s analogies to describe the experience, saying the journey had been “like running a marathon while solving the Rubik’s Cube”.

Jeffs (pictured) urged MOSL to continue supporting the industry, with the goal of delivering customers a better service for a better price. He pressed his team to remain at the forefront of market operation - in particular through the use of innovative tools like MOSL’s market data mapping software, and by being trustworthy.

Jeffs thanked everyone at MOSL for their contribution and urged them to seize their life and career goals as well as to make the market as good as it can be. Special thank yous went to those who laid the foundations for market opening success: Scottish Water CEO Douglas Millican, WICS CEO Alan Sutherland and the Open Water Markets Limited team; and the CEOs of MOSL’s founding members – Peter Simpson at Anglian Water, Heidi Mottram at Northumbrian Water and Steve Mogford at United Utilities. As well as to DEFRA, Ofwat, CGI, BridgeAll, “our members and the cast of thousands from across the sector and the many organisations that have supported them”.

MOSL’s new chief executive officer, Chris Scoggins, joins on 12 June. Market performance director Steve Arthur is serving as interim chief until then.