Defra toasts the market and plans to learn lessons for future reforms

Last Wednesday, Defra hosted a well-received reception to celebrate the successful on-time opening of the business retail market and to thank all those who have contributed to its delivery.

In the April edition of THE WATER REPORT, out last week, Defra’s water director Sarah Hendry (pictured) explained her thoughts have now turned to conducting an “open, lessons learned” exercise – the findings of which could be used to inform other reform programmes in the sector.

Hendry’s fellow Open Water partners – MOSL chief executive Ben Jeffs and Ofwat chief executive Cathryn Ross – support the move. One thing in particular to study will be how companies, regulator, government and market operator collaborated effectively in what Hendry described as “almost a public/private initiative”.

To read the full article with the three Open Water partners, and to understand more about the role companies have played from Anglian Water chief executive Peter Simpson, see the April edition of THE WATER REPORT.