Switching has begun and market opening could amplify customer complaints

Ofwat’s retail market opening director Adam Cooper and MOSL chief executive, Ben Jeffs, flagged up last week that they were expecting quite a lot of “noise” to follow go live in the business market in April. Cooper (pictured) pointed out “with choice comes complaint” while Jeffs observed that issues are far more likely to receive attention than success.

Jeffs also reported pre-switching was going well, with 742 customers taking up the option in the three days between its launch on Monday 6th and the evening of Wed 8th. He said he expected more to follow in the pre-switching period, which runs up to 23rd of this month (for customers to start on opening day with their chosen supplier).

Other retail market opening developments that took place last week were:

  • The Market Arrangements Code was designated, and wholesalers and retailers signed the MAC Framework Agreement.

  • MOSL was confirmed as the Market Operator.

  • Ofwat formally designated the “qualifying scheme” that will govern the revocation of all old Water Supply Licences (with no compensation) and the transition to arrangements for the new market.

  • Ofwat confirmed the principles it will follow in setting new WSSL fees.