Business Stream and Veolia join forces in energy and water services for businesses

Veolia, has agreed to team up with Business Stream to provide business customers with “a holistic approach to resource management, a reduced carbon footprint and cost savings.”

The deal according to the duo, will combine Veolia’s engineering expertise in water, waste and energy with Business Stream’s retailing experience and large market presence.

Veolia’s chief operating officer – UK Municipal Water & Ireland, John Abraham, said: “This partnership with Business Stream will provide clear long term benefits to customers as together we can provide a complete retail water package which can reduce utility bills, supported by optimised on-site project engineering and operational solutions such as combined heat and power and anaerobic digestion.”

Jo Dow, Chief Executive of Business Stream added: “Business Stream already provides retail and value-added services to a range of industries and organisations, but this collaboration will give our customers access to Veolia’s breadth of expertise and extend the appeal and reach of our combined service offering to new customers throughout the country.”

The new partnership will, said Veolia, bring to x customers “guaranteed supply, water recovery, waste water treatment, compliance, and water management plans.”