Retail licence update

Anglian Water Business

Anglian Water Business has applied to Ofwat to add wholesale and supplementary authorisations to the retail authorisations it already holds within its Water Supply and Sewerage Licence. The company explained it is seeking to replicate the right it already holds under its Combined Water Supply Licence to put water into an undertaker’s system, as well as the right to retail to customers, given its current licence will be withdrawn once the new regime kicks in in April. Anglian Water Business commented it had “already applied and received its retail authorisation and we are applying for the wholesale authorisation to maintain the equivalent of the licence we hold today”.


Waterscan has been awarded its WSSL which will underpin its plan to provide retail services to self-supply licence holders with a focus on users with multiple sites.

Earls Gate Water

WiCS has proposed to grant a self-supply water supply and sewerage licence to Manchester-based water treatment firm Earls Gate Water following its application last September. Earls Gate plans to supply its parent company, chemicals producer CalaChem based in Grangemouth.

Its business model is likely to resemble closely the one which Waterscan is looking to roll out in England.