Veolia makes it 20 applicants for retail licences as self serve surge looks set

As Veolia applied for a water supply and sewerage licence this week taking the total number of applications to 20 a wave of applications for self serve licences is in the offing.

Companies that have been granted a WSSL

Affinity for Business

Anglian Water Business

Castle Water

Clear Business Water;

Kelda Retail (Three Sixty)

Northumbrian Water Business (Wave)

Severn Trent and United Utilities,(Water Plus)

South Staffs Water Business

SES Business Water

Water 2 Business

Business Stream

Cobalt Water

Pennon Water Services

Thames Water Commercial Services was granted a licence and has since exited the market

Companies awaiting the result of an application

Water Choice South East (through its Invicta Water subsidiary)


Regent Water

The Water Retail Company;

South East Water Choice has been granted a sewerage licence,