Waterscan sets out its self supply offering

In the January edition of THE WATER REPORT, out today, Waterscan unveils the details of a new model it has developed to serve business customers in the incoming retail market – facilitated self supply.

The water management and bill validation specialist intends of offer a range of services, as a retailer would, but without taking a margin. Instead, its self-supply clients will pay the wholesale price direct to wholesalers, with Waterscan typically charging a fee based on the number of transactions it handles for a client. Its services include:

  • Putting existing client data into MOSL’s Central Market Operating System and interrogating data from the market in the customer interest. To this end, Waterscan has applied for a Water Supply and Sewerage Licence and has already gained a Market Entry Assurance certificate from MOSL.

  • Helping clients through the self supply licensing process.

  • Representing clients in market transactions, using its existing Waterline software system to supply and receive data.

  • Managing the charging and settlement process and, if the customer requires it, providing consolidated or summary bill services on top.

  • Building a water reduction strategy and helping to create efficiencies. Waterscan already offers its clients this service, but according to managing director Neil Pendle (pictured), self supply will “help you get there quicker”, because Waterscan will have direct access to market data that it can use to build an evidence-based water efficiency strategy for the client.

Waterscan has lined up a number of clients with whom it is likely to partner on self-supply. Some have already submitted Letters of Intent to Ofwat and the first is poised to submit its licence application. Waterscan is now in discussions with companies across the hospitality and retail sectors, which it hopes will follow their peers’ lead.

For the full interview, see today’s The Water Report.