Celebrations over shadow market – the beginning has ended

Wholesalers, retailers, Open Water partners and others gathered in London on Tuesday evening to celebrate the successful launch of the shadow non-household retail market, at a party co-hosted by MOSL and PA Consulting. Speakers on the night from MOSL, DEFRA, Ofwat, PA and CGI stressed there was plenty more yet to do but praised achievements to date and the efforts of all parties.

Referencing Ofwat and DEFRA’s intent to see further change in the industry, MOSL’s chief executive Ben Jeffs noted “We are at the end of the beginning, rather than the beginning of the end.” He anticipated a smooth “no song and dance” go-live in April when “the money starts to flow and customers start to switch”. Jeffs also thanked DEFRA’s Holly Yates for her contribution as she this week moved on from the Retail Market Opening programme.

Ofwat’s Adam Cooper said market opening brought “a huge shift internally” for the regulator as well as the industry: it had to learn how to be a market regulator.