South East seeks national WSSL through its Invicta subsidiary

South East Water has applied for a national WSSL through its non-trading subsidiary, Invicta Water. The move follows an application in July by South East Water for a sewerage retail licence to provide services in its water supply area.

Invicta will retail water and sewerage services in England under the brand, Water Choice South East. The parent company will provide water and sewerage services in its home patch as South East water choice.

Meanwhile Ofwat is consulting on amendments to the standard licence conditions that will apply should South East succeed in it application for a sewerage retail licence. the modifications will, said Ofwat, ensure that the same requirements that apply to water supply licencees and to holders of water and sewerage licences, apply to sewerage only licensees.

The modifications will correct "minor errors in the standard licence conditions" which, according to Ofwat, prevent certain provisions from operating as intended for sewerage only licencees.