British Water members fear Brexit blows to investment and environment

Brexit has undermined confidence among the water industry supply chain in the prospects for funding for infrastructure, investment in research, and environmental regulation according to a recent survey.

In a poll of its members on the aftermath of the UK vote to quit the EU, the supply chain association, British Water, found there were "a great many unanswered questions" with 25% of respondents "highly pessimistic about what the future holds for the industry". And one half said it was too early to call.

British Water chairman, Tony Williams, (pictured) said: “Many British Water members have experience of working in different international markets with different regulatory regimes but the survey shows the industry is still looking for answers about the implications for post-Brexit Britain.”

British Water asked its 185 members how optimistic they felt about the future, in terms of their own companies and the water industry.

More than 2 out of five were highly optimistic about their firm's prospects with 20% highly pessimistic and 38% unable yet to say.

Only 25% of respondents were very positive about the future for the water sector with the same number feeling very pessimistic.

Those surveyed wanted the government to provide funding for infrastructure projects, support for overseas trade, and clarification about the status of current and future environmental legislation.