Severn Trent drive to curb illegal use of hydrants bags another brace of offenders

Severn Trent Water has prosecuted two companies for illegal use of its hydrants. The move was part of the date firm's drive to combat illegal use of its hydrants. Since the start of 2016, the company has successfully investigated more than 60 instances of illegal use of Severn Trent hydrants with outcomes ranging from formal cautions to criminal prosecutions.

BF Sweepers, based in Cranham in Gloucestershire, was fined more than £3,500, including costs, at Cheltenham Magistrates' Court on September 5 for illegal hydrant use. And Griptrak (Midlands) was fined over £2,600, including costs, at Derby Magistrates' Court on September 8, also for illegal hydrant use.

Both companies had used Severn Trent's network of hydrants for their own purposes, activity that could lead to damage to the hydrants, discolouration for customers and loss of supply.