Update on Open Water

DEFRA has confirmed its retail exit application process will open on time on 3 October. In a programme update note issued today, director Sarah Hendry said companies would be able to submit their exit applications from that date and that those gaining approval from the secretary of state would be able to leave at or after market opening.

  • The Open Water website has been relaunched, with a view to providing information to customers on how the market works, who is eligible to switch, and who the wholesalers and retailers are.

  • On Wednesday, MOSL hosted the first mass wholesaler/retailer meet and greet event. More than 150 representatives met to begin the process of building working relationships and understanding each others' processes. Bristol Water suggested the idea. MOSL CEO Ben Jeffs said: "It has saved the industry a great deal of time and miles visiting each-other, which would have been particularly onerous for the smaller companies."