Heavy users declare for switching but seek more compelling incentives

While more than four our of five major industrial consumers said they were considering switching at least some of their sites when the business market for water is open to competition there was a desire for stronger incentives according to a recent d survey by the Major Energy Users' Council.

Large businesses wanted to see "pull factors" to switch that we're more compelling than those currently on the table. Nearly three out of five industrial and commercial customers with sites inScotland have already switched. And close to two thirds of multi site customer favoured the prospect of a single supplier.

Attitudes towards working with a third party intermediary were muted.

The MEUC surveyed its members in May this year – typically multi site businesses with annual water and sewerage bills of over £250,000 – on their attitudes towards the April 2017 water market.

The full findings of the survey are available to subscribers to THE WATER REPORT in the July August edition.