Sector launches supply and sewerage services scrutiny website

Customers can keep abreast of the water and sewerage services provided by the industry on a website published this week by a range of water sector stakeholders.

The collaboration has developed and launched phase one of the new online information resource on water and wastewater dubbed Discover Water.

The site went live last week, offering customers and any other interested parties simple data at an aggregate England and Wales sector level on around 60 metrics. The metrics are grouped under the headings of: water quality, environmental performance, customer satisfaction, pricing, water to tap (supply) and sink to sea (wastewater).

Phase two is due to launch in December and will drill down into the performance of individual companies. This will enable Discover Water users to compare suppliers, and as a result will need to be carefully handled so comparisons are fair.

Development of the site was funded by the water industry, with each company paying a share proportionate to its size. However it has been overseen by a multi-stakeholder steering group including representatives from six water companies, all regulators, government and CC Water.

Water UK’s head of corporate affairs, Neil Dhot, said the multi stakeholder approach was necessary for the information to have credibility and because a single joined up data dashboard was more customer friendly than separate company/regulator/other ones.

Design and build of the site was carried out by EY after a competitive tender. All aspects have been tested with customer focus groups. Dhot said that customer interaction very much drove the end result, influencing content, presentation and language. How the site is used between now and December will also influence how phase two is structured.