South Staffs hits two thirds of ODI targets

South Staffs Water has reported meeting ten of its 15 its Outcome Delivery Incentive performance targets in 2015-16.

In its Annual Performance Report for the year to 31 March the firm documented a shortfall from its 99.97% compliance on water quality with 99.88% compliance for the report year.

On average minutes of supply interruption the company outstripped its target of 10 minutes at 4 minutes 14 seconds.

South Staffs reported meeting its 98% target for customer satisfaction over the period 2015-20 but fell short of its target of a top 25% place on the Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM) with sixth position in the SIM league table.

And it fell short on its 400 person-days a year target for customer engagement with 256.5 days.

The company reported outperforming its leakage targets of 70.5 Ml a day in its South Staffs region and 13.5 Ml a day in its Cambridge region.The company is looking to reduce consumption to 128 l a day per customer by 2020. IIt reported consumption per person for 2015-16 at 129.59 l a day.

The firm reported a 178 tonne reduction in its carbon emissions in 2015-16 against a 509 tonne target.