Welsh Water calls on customers to pitch investment ideas

Not-for-profit, Welsh Water, has invited its three million customers to propose how it might spend its £30m trading surplus forecast for next year.

Welsh Water, has launched its 10-week Have Your Say consultation to encourage customers to suggest how the firm might invest in its services. Options offered under the consultation included:

· money off water and sewerage bills;

· extra help for people who struggle to pay their bills;

· greater investment in networks and water treatment works;

· investment in renewable energy and innovation to cut energy costs;

· supporting community education and recreation projects; and

· speeding up improvements to end recurrent problems with services.

The company's chief executive, Chris Jones, said: “This is an unparalleled move to give a real say over how we spend any returns we achieve - and reflects how our not-for-profit status is rooted in working with customers and for customers.

“I hope as many of our customers take part in this unique opportunity to shape how we operate as possible - it will be crucial in helping us make good decisions for the benefit of our customers now - and for future generations.”

Last month, the company announced plans to invest £32 million into its services this year, and to help lower-income homes.

Welsh Water is poised to broadcast its first television advert aimed at raising awareness of the Have Your Say consultation and the company’s not-for-profit status.