Health and safety tops performance poll of UK WASCs by supply chain

Health and safety is where the water industry performs best according to the findings of a recent poll of supply chain firms by British Water. The industry's highest overall rating at 8.2 out of ten went to its health and safety showing. The sector's poorest performance was in AMP transition at 5.7 with procurement at 5.8 in the survey which rated each of the dozen UK water and sewerage incumbents.

The second strongest performance by the industry overall was in respect and civility and the environment where it polled 7.4 in both with a score of 7.3 for payment. The survey respondents voted Northumbrian Water as top performer by a significant margin with a score of 7.8 followed by second place South West Water scoring 6.8 and the overall average at 6.3.

In its annual water company performance survey, British Water quizzed supply chain companies on their assessment of 43 aspects of water industry business. The business areas were categorised into nine groups:

Contractual approach (payment terms and conditions etc);

Attitude (flexibility, civility etc);

Professional qualities )thoroughness, technical competency etc);

Impact on supply chain (competency, "realistic profit making" etc);

Procurement (tendering process, risk and innovation etc);

Following policy (health and safety, environment etc);

Communication (with suppliers, other water companies etc);

Partners and main contractors (against all of the above categories); and

AMP transition.

Only one individual attribute score was under 5 (4.8) meaning the spread of all scores was less than 4.

Northumbrian chief executive Heidi Mottram in THE WATER REPORT's interview this month declared it her ambition to take the company to the top spot in all aspects of its business.