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Corporate subscription

A corporate subscription, depending on digital or print choice, comprises:

  • up to ten printed copies of each edition of THE WATER REPORT;
  • a digital copy for unlimited distribution within the subscribing organisation;
  • online delivery of special reports by THE WATER REPORT during the subscription period; and
  • a subscription to our weekly online newsletter, The week in water for all members of the corporate subscriber at no added charge.

Corporate subscription

PriceFrom £2,090.00

    Click the SUBSCRIBE button and proceed to the PAYMENT stage to pay online by credit card. On receiving your order we will email to confirm recipients' email and, where relevant, postal addresses.


    If you prefer to be invoiced and/or to  issue a purchase order please click SUBSCRIBE and  follow the checkout process to the payment stage where you should select OFFLINE PAYMENT and complete the order.

    On recieiving your order we will email you to confirm;

    1. names of recipients;
    2. postal addresses of print recipients (up to 10);
    3. email addresses of PDF recipients;
    4. whether your organisation will be issuing a purchase order; and
    5. to whom our invoice should be addressed.

    And we are always available to address any questions you might have about our subscription arrangements at or on 07949579641.

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