• by Karma Loveday

WRSE consults on Resilience Framework for South East water resources

Water Resource South East (WRSE) is consulting until 3 July on its Resilience Framework – its proposed methodology for assessing resilience throughout the development of the regional plan it is creating for water resources in the south east of England.

The framework will enable WRSE to track and demonstrate the shift in resilience of the region’s water supplies that the plan will deliver.Organisational director Trevor Bishop said: “The approach we are planning to take is new and innovative and will help us go beyond the traditional approach to water resource planning by considering a range of different shock and stresses, beyond just drought.

It will enable us to assess the resilience benefits that different options will deliver and crucially allow us to take a truly multi sector approach by assessing how our regional plan will improve the resilience of the water systems of other major users, the environment and the wider south east.”Visit: https://wrse.uk.engagementhq.com/resilience