• by Trevor Loveday

Thames reports 15% leakage fall for year

Updated: Jun 18

Thames water has reported having achieved its regulatory leakage reduction target with a 15% decrease in leakage from its network over the past year. It has attributed the 105Ml a day reduction to its smart metering installation programme.

Thames said it plans to reduce leakage across its network by a further 20% over the next price control period to 2025 and by a further 50% by 2050 “by ramping-up the use of advanced digital technology and smart data.”

The reduction in leakage to 595Ml a day is 11Ml a day below its target for the year and reverses a three year run of failing to meet its targets which culminated in Ofwat penalising the company in 2018 forcing it to return £120m to customers.

Thames said it has 450,000 meters installed in 15 of London’s 32 boroughs in what it has described as the second biggest programme of its kind in the world. It claimed its latest figures showed that customers on a meter use up to 17% less water.

Thames Water’s operations director, Steve Spencer (pictured), said: “We’re now determined to build on this momentum for another 20 per cent drop in leakage over the next five years, and then go much further as part of ambitious long-term plans to replumb London and the Thames Valley."