• by Karma Loveday

CCW: customers back PR19 package

Customers endorse the PR19 settlement, research published last week by CCW suggests. A survey undertaken by DJS Research for the water watchdog into customer acceptability of Ofwat’s draft determination (DD) package found high levels of support across the country. 88% of customers in England and Wales found the determinations acceptable when given basic details about the impact on bills (uninformed acceptability); with barely any difference (87%) when more information about the likely change to service levels between 2020 and 2025 was provided.

However, CCW found acceptability fell significantly by just over 10% to 76% when the potential impact of Outome Delivery Incentives on bills was shown to customers. And that those on lower incomes found the DD less acceptable.

Five hundred customers of each company were surveyed. The questions were based on Ofwat’s July draft package, but the bill impact at the final determinations stage remained steady.