• by Karma Loveday

MOSL scopes out its 2019/20 business plan in latest Quarterly Market Review

In its latest and new-style Quarterly Market Review, MOSL set out the focus areas of its 2019/20 business plan, which is currently out for consultation with trading parties. These were:

  • improving market performance and data quality by driving significant and measurable change in the key areas of settlement, switching and accurate billing, and a better experience for customers;

  • Improving bilateral engagement between parties by developing a market-backed solution which lowers cost, improves integration between wholesalers and retailers; reduces the need for manual reconciling of data issues; improves data quality and insight and improves the customer experience;

  • Improving the stability of both the market and MOSL. The market operator said it will make usability changes to make it easier to use the Central Market Operating System (CMOS) and improve reporting; and

  • Taking steps to enable a greater pace of change. For example, it will develop proposals so Ofwat should no longer need to review and approve the large number of low level change proposals and will consult on whether more CMOS releases per year would be an effective way to speed up change delivery.

Elsewhere in the quarterly review, which covers Q2 2018/19, MOSL provided an update on matters including its move to Southampton (scheduled for 12 November); the commissioning of a market audit for 2018/19; and market trends.